Xanet Scheepers
Data Analyst
1 minute read
30 Mar 2021
4:55 pm

WATCH: Sneaky jackal steals vultures’ lunch

Xanet Scheepers

A wake of vultures in the Kruger National Park were left flabbergasted when a jackal stole their lunch right from under their beaks.

Picture: Screengrab YouTube

Bob Humphries recently shared the most amazing video footage of a jackal gatecrashing a wake of vultures’ lunch date in the Kruger National Park.

Vultures and other scavengers like the jackal often take each other on when they compete for food at a carcass. This jackal, however, wasn’t planning on leaving hungry.

The cheeky jackal casually runs into the middle of the vultures and grabs the remains of a wildebeest calf they were feeding on.

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One of the vultures goes after him, wings spanned wide…

But the jackal refuses to admit defeat and goes back for his takeaway. He manages to grab the wildebeest hide, twisting off a leg before retreating to the shade of a nearby tree where he enjoys his hard-fought for meal.

Watch the video below:

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