Tracy Lee Stark
Photographer and Multimedia Producer
1 minute read
22 Apr 2021
3:20 pm

Making a career out of polymer clay earrings

Tracy Lee Stark

Polymer clay artist Shalain Gregson is following her dream, being creative by designing and making quirky polymer clay earrings.


When you’re lucky enough to make your business out of your childhood dreams, life can’t get any sweeter.

For polymer clay artist Shalain Gregson that’s exactly what she did with her creative creations, namely polymer clay earrings.

Always being creative led her down many paths from baking to sewing and then to polymer clay, when she started making earrings for herself.

Not long after she started, Gregson began receiving requests to make earrings for friends and family.

Eight years later her business has grown from strength to strength. She now makes anything from 10-50 pairs of earrings a day, depending on their intricacy.

Gregson explains: “When I was a kid, I used to collect paint swatches. Her favourite was a pink colour called Turkey Dimple, which she thought was a perfect fit for her business name. She was happy to be able to stick to her childhood dream.