Hein Kaiser
5 minute read
23 May 2021
3:00 pm

Foreplay ideas to try this week to spice up your sex life

Hein Kaiser

Take a work week and count down to a Saturday night of sexy wanton love making.

Sometimes mind-blowing sex at the end of a week's foreplay adds a whallop of spice.

It is not as much a calendar entry session as a mind-bending, week-long affair of play and anticipation. A session of passion penciled in at the end of a few days of sustained desire can be better than quickies throughout the week.

It is not always quantity, but the quality that counts in today’s drive-through sensual economy. Take a work week and count down to a Saturday night of sexy wanton love making.

Here are five ways to get there:

Monday mornings are always a rush after two days off and when you get to work, text your partner with an “oh dear, I didn’t put any underwear on” message. “It was such a rush this morning.” A few hours later, share with him or her the fact that it feels good, and that you are turned on a little.

“Will anyone notice?”. WhatsApp a picture that is not too revealing but will get your partner’s imagination racing at the pace you would like. Later, be a little tired, too tired for some nookie at home, but make sure your partner sees you undress, still missing undies. It’s as sexy as anything.

Tuesday is sext day. Leave a sexy note in her handbag or his work-case. “I was fantasising about you all day yesterday.” Head off to the mall during lunch and buy yourself something very sexy and lacy or, if you are a guy, a sexy pair of jocks you know that your partner would love tearing off your body with her teeth.

Back at work, send a pic saying, “so that I don’t forget them next time.” By then your note would also have been discovered and read. Send a late afternoon message about how you would love to touch them right now, to feel your hands move across her or his body.

Get a little naughty sexting going to while away the afternoon. Avoid a bedroom workout but give your partner a sensual massage later after a hot bath, “accidentally” touching erogenous zones while you are de-stressing your lover.

Wednesday is sexy play-date day. Make plans before you leave for work to hook up for lunch later. Suggest meeting somewhere different, a new environment can add some extra nerve to your adventure. During early conversation at the table, hand your partner a remote control.

Whisper in his ear that you have something naughty hidden or, hand it to your lover and send her to do the bathroom to slip in a vibrating egg. Turn it on and turn a midday meal into an erotic, secret but public adventure. Most adult shops stock vibrating, remote controlled eggs that can really drive women wild. It is intense pleasure, but impossible to express or do anything about it.

Make-out on Thursday. Remember as teenagers when first base was everything, second base was a score and below the belt or third base was still a no-no. Start the day before work and passionately kiss your partner, for quite some time, before leaving her or him to head off to work. It can be sexy and mind blowing.

Repeat over a glass of wine at home later. But resist touch waist-down. Later, in bed, start some foreplay action by touching yourself, taking your partner’s hand and allowing them to take over, while you reciprocate. Tonight, is just foreplay per hand, so re-learn how to navigate pleasure zones, let your fingers do the talking.

With twenty four hours to go and Friday the morning after some pleasure, intensify your assault on one another’s senses. Send a message asking about your lover’s fantasies, explore them on text, no matter how left of centre someone else’s fantasy could be, make it real for your partner and allow freedom of sexual expression.

You may learn something about their deepest desires, too. Before midday, go to the bathroom, take off your underwear, send a picture of you doing so with a little note. Continue fantasy talk all day long. It is a no-naughty but oh-so sexy night.

On Saturday go shopping but choose a mall slightly further than your neighbourhood centre. On the drive, when it is safe to do so, touch your partner where it matters, Slowly, erotically. Let your arms cross paths over the gearbox and feel one another’s movement. Do not get to the point of no return. It is a tease.

While shopping, accidentally brush across one another’s bodies inappropriately, but for a split second. Hold hands. Kiss like teenagers. Reveal to your partner, in a sexy whisper that you have Ben-Wa balls inside or buy them and ask her to slip them inside before going into the mall. Anticipation and a few days of extended naughty should be doing its trick by now.

Later, send your partner out for an hour and prep the love nest. A hot bath, candles, lube, a few toys you picked up earlier in the week and a little something hot that you know gets your lover’s pulse racing. Take it slow, You do not want a week’s worth of lust to be over in half and hour.

Turn it into an extended sexy play mix of favourite moves, pleasure zone focuses and new stuff Googled during the week. Exhaust one another on every level and feel as one. Have drinks close by and even snacks you can devour off one another’s bodies for little rest periods in between. It is a memorable night and selfies should be well hidden on your phone but ready to share in a variety of spice later.