Karabo Mokoena
Content producer
2 minute read
20 May 2021
8:01 pm

WATCH: Mom gives birth on the side of the highway

Karabo Mokoena

When the Campbell's started recording the birth of their third baby, they had no idea she would be born on the side of the highway in their car!

Last Monday, Ontario couple Erika and Troy Campbell were preparing for the birth of their third baby Nova Marie.

As the contractions progressed, Erika was confident that she still had time and proceeded to take a shower.

Troy, on the other hand, thought they should get to the hospital immediately. Eventually, they drove to the hospital, but Erika’s labour progressed quicker than she anticipated.

About 20 minutes away from the hospital, they called their midwife who aided them in timing the contractions and calming them down.

“Oh this baby is definitely coming,” exclaimed daddy in excitement. Erika told Troy that the baby “better hurry”, as she calmly breathed through the contractions.

About 11 minutes away from the hospital on highway 407, Troy’s excitement quickly turned to panic as Erika suddenly had the urge to push.

The baby was coming!

With their midwife on the phone, they called 911 and were assisted by a calm and supportive operator. A few pushes and Nova Marie was out and on her mommy’s chest.

However, she did not cry for a few seconds, and both Erika and Troy were rubbing her back, anxiously waiting for a sign of life. The cry that followed was accompanied by a bigger one from mom, and a “thank God” from Troy.

After arriving at the hospital and settling in, Troy said: “I think I am slowly coming out of shock, because I just delivered a baby on the side of a highway.”

The family of six is happily at home and they are super excited to share the story with people, just to add a smile on their faces in this current crazy world.

Troy would like this to be their last baby, but mommy says it’s the last one, “for now.”

Either way, they have an incredible memory and a crazy story to share with Nova Marie about how she was born.