Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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11 Jun 2021
6:42 pm

WATCH: Celeb dentist gives closer look at wisdom teeth removal

Kaunda Selisho

Celeb dentist, Dr. Smile posts regular dental health reminders, promotes local music and shows his followers things they've never seen.

Picture for illustration purposes: Screenshot (Instagram)

When celeb dentist Dr Alexander Faizi Yousssefián-Rawháni (aka Dr Smile, Lex Leo) is not giving famous faces across South Africa their R150,000 smiles, he’s doing some serious dental work.

He recently started showing us more of the gritty side of his job, in between happy smiles with celebrities, and his followers cannot get enough, no matter how graphic some of the videos might be.

The celeb dentist’s latest video is a fascinating close-up look at a wisdom-tooth removal.

Please note: the following video is not for sensitive viewers as it contains footage of a medical procedure.


His profile is not all blood and gore, however.

The celeb dentist even posts regular dental health reminders all white promoting local music and keeping his own dental health in check.

When he’s not doing that, he is showing his followers things they have never seen before, like the nerve of a tooth.

Most famous for giving Lasizwe a new set of gnashers worth R150,000, Dr Smile seems to have worked with EVERYBODY in the South African entertainment industry. From actresses such as Connie Ferguson (who recently celebrated her birthday) and Pearl Thusi, to musicians such as Master KG and Shane Eagle.

The dentist also recently got married to his long-time girlfriend, film director Katya Abedian, who has since added Rawháni to her surname.

Dr Smile also has a big heart. When he’s not making celebs look good, he offers help to women who lost their teeth in an accident. He has also set up a foundation aimed at helping vulnerable children.

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