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28 Jul 2022
5:19 pm

Responsibly creating coffee pleasure


For decades, L’OR has delivered pure taste pleasure to coffee lovers around the world. Our expertly created blends have attracted more and more consumers to experience the layers of flavour and aroma in every cup of L’OR coffee.

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As consumers around the world become more passionate about coffee, they have developed a desire to know that it’s not harming the earth and the people who grow it, or even that the providers of the coffee are going beyond reducing their impact and doing good.

When it comes to L’OR our artistry is rooted in respect for all precious coffee resources. We make sustainable choices that reduce our environmental impact – from sourcing through to recycling networks. And by partnering with leading coffee research organisations to enrich the diversity of coffee we offer, the goal is a more sustainable future.

Creating L’OR coffee moments of pleasure, is done together with a commitment to make our product, process and its impact on the environment more sustainable. This is how we are proactively protecting coffee for the future and unleash the potential that coffee brings for people everywhere. We go beyond simply improving on what we do, to finding new and innovative ways to bring coffee to the world. Partnering with World Coffee Research (WCR) helps us to reach a diverse variety of coffees from around the world and enrich the lives of the passionate farmers who grow it. We are currently focussing on various sustainability pillars while creating our innovative coffee. These include, sourcing, packaging and recycling, protecting coffee diversity and new coffee pleasures.


As passionate coffee experts, our L’OR coffee artists select the highest quality coffee beans to create every L’OR coffee blend. Knowing where our coffee comes from plays an important role in our journey to sustainability. That is why L’OR chooses Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans for most of our portfolio. The Rainforest Alliance passionately works to build a world where people and nature thrive in harmony. They bring together farming communities, coffee producers and coffee lovers to ensure a better future for people and nature. This empowers farmers to manage their land more sustainably and to protect and conserve the environment while contributing to improved livelihoods of farming communities. Wherever you see the Rainforest Alliance seal on a L’OR coffee pack, you will know it means that the coffee has been responsibly sourced.

Packaging and recycling

The L’OR capsules are made with aluminium as it is the one material that best preserves flavour and aroma, as well as being abundant and infinitely recyclable. This helps deliver the ultimate taste pleasure in every cup of L’OR coffee, with respect for people and planet.

Protecting and unleashing new coffee pleasures for the future

As passionate coffee experts, our L’OR coffee artists use their senses to select and blend coffees from around the world. But we understand the landscape of coffee is precious and fragile. There are too few varieties of coffee, and a few select countries producing it – while an exquisite world of distinctive, unique varieties and passionate farmers wait to be discovered. This is why L’OR works with World Coffee Research. WCR works with passionate coffee growers and experts ensuring that we protect and promote a diverse landscape of coffee. This means passionate research, as well as education about distinctive and unique coffee varieties, to help promote a diverse landscape of coffee.