Genevieve Viera
1 minute read
5 Mar 2015
5:01 pm

Jason Mraz plants the seed (video)

Genevieve Viera

What makes Jason Mraz a rare gem is not only his soothing vocals, but his passion for life, social activism and his philanthropic efforts.

FILE PICTURE: Jason Mraz. Picture: Instagram.

The musician, who is on tour in South Africa, chose to spend his spare time planting seedlings at the Dischem Food Foundation garden and encouraging others to do the same in their personal environments.

The two-time Grammy Award winning artist is also a gardener and owns his very own avo farm.

Growing up in a family who ate take outs on a regular basis and seeing the deterioration in health endured by his family, Mraz advocates a nutritious regimen and self-sustainability, upholding that the right to food is a basic human right.

Unlike most superstars, Mraz doesn’t pretend to be better than anyone else.

Though self-assured, he is undeniably friendly and conscious in his ways.

His efforts span across the globe, taking his environmental advocacy to every city he visits.

Together with his music – inspiring people through his lyrics – he hopes to make in a difference in the lives of people all around the world.

From providing healthy vegetables and creating entrepreneurial opportunities, food gardens can change lives and this is exactly what the Dischem Food Foundation aims to do.

Each week, they donate fresh produce to various NGOs.

Last year Mraz made a decision to perform in smaller venues, allowing for a more personal show in which he is able to interact with his fans.

The Citizen spent the day with Mraz at the Food Garden, enjoying time out in the sun and some simple conversation.