7 thoughts we all had during the Meghan and Harry interview

There were serious allegations and major bombshells but these thoughts will forever live in our heads rent free.

The highly anticipated interview by Oprah Winfrey with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry aired on M-Net on 8 March amid much speculation and fanfare.

The interview dropped some serious allegations and major bombshells but these things will forever live in our heads rent free:

We knew things were bad for Meghan but didn’t realise how bad things really were:

Meghan, who married Harry in 19 May 2018, and the world knew it would not be easy, as did the couple, especially considering the late Princess Diana’s untimely death. In the interview however, Meghan admits to Oprah about suicidal feelings and that she had asked for help during this dark time but did not get the support she needed.

It was Kate who made Meghan cry:

Months after their wedding, British tabloids reported that Meghan made Kate Middleton, wife of Harry’s brother William, but Meghan cleared up the rumours and said it was Kate who made Meghan cry, also that Kate apologised to Meghan with flowers and a note.

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Who made the comment about Archie’s skin colour?

Born on 6 May 2019, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, was brought into the world under an unfortunate cloud of negativity thanks to the British press’ coverage of his mother’s pregnancy. During the interview, a bombshell was dropped when both Meghan and Harry revealed that Archie’s skin colour was raised in private discussions with Harry due to Meghan being mixed race.

Denialism at its finest:

According to Harry, the lack of acknowledgement by the royal family of the issues of racism which were obvious in the British tabloids’ reporting on Meghan, is the equivalent of saying “I don’t see colour”.

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So moving to South Africa wasn’t just a rumour?

Over the years, many rumours about where the couple would be moving to surfaced.  During the interview South Africa came up twice, once about their royal tour and another time when the couple actually considered moving to South Africa.

Mental health, toxic families aren’t just reserved for regular folk:

You can have all the money and power in the world, but still be miserable. Harry and Meghan prove that toxicity and mental health issues aren’t just reserved for “everyday” people but in fact even for royals.

Diana would be so proud of Harry:

Safety, making an impact and giving her children a “normal” life was all she ever wanted. Stepping back from royal duties for the sake of their children and their own sanity is exactly what the couple are doing:


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