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5 May 2022
4:00 pm

Daily hacks: Five tips to extend the use of your moisturiser

Citizen Reporter

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Applying moisturiser to the skin for protection and glow. Picture: iStock

If you have an interest in skincare and have managed to get into the habit of collecting and using a wide range of skincare products, you will know that sometimes it is easy to add new products to your skincare routine before finishing the moisturiser you were using recently.

This often leads to your bathroom and bedroom cabinets being filled with unfinished moisturisers that you may never use again, and may throw away, wasting the products and your money.

These five tips will help you extend the use of your skincare products to avoid having them go to any waste.

Homemade exfoliating cream

Mix a tablespoon of brown sugar to your old or leftover moisturiser that you do not plan to use again to create a homemade exfoliating body scrub.

Apply this scrub to all of the common areas of your body which may appear to be dry. Body scrubs generally help you get rid of dead cells and penetrate the skin faster allowing it to hydrate and absorb moisture better.

Scrubbing dead cells away using a homemade exfoliator. Picture: iStock

Protect your cuticles

After getting high chemical manicures or putting your hands through major labour intensive work, apply some moisturiser to your nail beds and cuticles.

Frequently moisturising your cuticles can increase the circulation around your nails, which will eventually stimulate healthy nail growth. This will also protect your nail bed and cuticles against any future trauma.

A manicure focusing on cuticle health. Picture: iStock

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Shaving solution

If you have run out of shaving cream, then you can make use of your moisturiser as a shaving solution. Try not to make it a habit though, as there is a great chance that rashes and other irritants can occur after shaving.

If you usually suffer from dry skin after shaving, then it is a good idea to add moisturiser to your aftershave routine because the ingredients in most moisturisers are designed to hydrate and last longer on your skin many hours.

Shaving legs using moisturiser as a shaving cream and after shave. Picture: iStock

Relaxing bath solution

If you have run out of bath salts and scented bath bombs, then you can mix one tablespoon of moisturiser with one tablespoon of an essential oil of your choice to create a bath time solution that smells amazing and helps you relax in the bath, while moisturising your skin and keeping it hydrated.

Flatten your frizzy hair

It is nearly impossible to keep your hair in any classy or neat hairstyle from the morning throughout your busy day. Walking around with your hair essentials also seems quite impractical, and most people usually just move around with their potable hand sanitisers and lotions.

If you are having a bad hair day, then squeeze some lotion into your hands, rub your hands together, and run your hands through your hair to tame any unwanted frizz or flyaways.

Woman dealing with stubborn frizzy hair. Picture: iStock