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WATCH: SA’s Dr Fezile Mkhize makes history at Mister Supranational 2024

Dr Fezile Mhize makes history as the first African to win Mr Supranational, drawing inspiration from his aunt and the South African spirit!

In a groundbreaking moment for South Africa and the African continent, Dr Fezile Mkhize has carved his name in history as the first South African, the first black winner, and the first African to be crowned Mister Supranational.

The prestigious pageant, held in Poland, culminated in an unforgettable finale where Mkhize’s presence and performance captured the hearts of judges and viewers alike.

“I just wanted to make sure that South Africa was happy and Africa was happy, so I put as much of myself into this. I’m proudly a Zulu man and proudly a South African,” said Dr Mhikze after accepting his new crown on the global pageant stage this week.

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A passionate surgeon

A  trained medical doctor whose passion is surgery and a former Top Billing presenter known for his charisma and eloquence, Dr Mkhize seamlessly balanced his medical career with his passion for entertainment and advocacy.

His journey to Mister Supranational 2024 began with a determination to challenge stereotypes and expand opportunities for representation on a global stage.

He’s previously entered Mr World five years ago.

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Speaking of his win to Missosology on Facebook, he shared: “At that moment I was thinking about my aunt who passed as well as Wayne Stafford who’s the national director. He’d asked me to join for several years”.

Dr Mkhize said he wanted to create an initiative that was going to speak of the passing of his aunt and a cause. 

He praised Mr Supernatura  Netherlands and said whatever the final decision, he would be at peace.

Dr Mkhize’s victory adds to a growing legacy of South African excellence in international pageantry, following in the footsteps of South African Lalela Mswane, the first South African to win Miss Supernatural.

His achievement resonates deeply, not only for breaking barriers but also for inspiring young South Africans and Africans across the diaspora to dream big and pursue their aspirations fearlessly.

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Reflecting on his win, Dr Mkhize expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement he received throughout his journey.

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A win for Africa

“You should expect me to put myself into things. I’m very interested in some of the initiatives we have around medical elements, around making people understand information around medical spaces,” he said.

 He also wants to bring in some of the contestants he met and see what collaborations they can create together with their initiatives in their countries to bring change.

Inclusivity is the key

His words underscored a message of empowerment and inclusivity, highlighting the importance of representation in global platforms.

The Mister Supranational competition, known for its celebration of diversity and charm, saw Dr Mkhize shine during various segments, from formal wear to talent showcases.

His presence on stage was marked by confidence and grace, embodying the essence of a modern ambassador.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Dr. Mkhize’s background as a medical doctor brings a unique perspective to his role. His advocacy extends to healthcare access and education, issues close to his heart.

As he steps into his reign, Dr Mkhize aims to use his platform to amplify voices often unheard and champion causes that promote equality and well-being.

The significance of his achievement extends beyond individual accolades. It symbolises progress towards a more inclusive global stage, where diversity in all its forms is celebrated and respected.

Looking ahead, Dr Mkhize plans to leverage his platform to foster dialogue and collaboration across cultures. His journey from television screens to the international stage underscores the power of perseverance and passion in achieving extraordinary goals.

Dr Mkhize emphasises how he appreciates his country and hopes that his experiences can influence South Africans.

“History might have been made but it’s better when history is backed-up with work,” he sayd.

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