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WATCH: How to achieve the professional natural makeup look

We had our makeup done by professional artists during Kryolan South Africa's launch of their new store.

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Makeup brands have listened to consumers and now more than ever their ranges and tones are more diverse, matching as many tones as possible. 

Applying makeup isn’t as intimidating as it was in the past, the multibillion-dollar industry has grown leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, with many beauty content creators making it more accessible to the everyday person. 

Celebrities have given established brands a run for their money, such as Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty to Kim Kardashian’s KKW and Huda Beauty filling in the gap for much-needed variety.

However, Kryolan, which originated in Germany, has a strong history and relationship in the makeup industry for the past 75 years. As a professional makeup company used for photoshoots and in the modelling industry, the Kryolan brand has opened another store in South Africa. 

The Citizen got to experience Kroylan’s new store in Sandton City and were treated to a complete makeup makeover. 

As our faces were lathered in cosmetics we quickly noticed Kryolan’s Derma Color Camouflage creme is quite impressive with its coverage as it didn’t have an off white finish or the “ghost” effect which can happen when trying a new foundation. 

WATCH: Kryolan South Africa opens new store in Sandton

Cuan Kemp, Kryolan’s South Africa head of makeup, marketing and social media, said their Derma Color is their most universal product. 

“It is great for full coverage, as well as a natural finish, [it is] great for sensitive and hyper-reactive skin,” he says. The range is quite broad, with about 75 shades and over 250 shades for all their foundations. 

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The store does do makeup for clients who need a “face beat” (makeup applied beautifully) for a special occasion or every day.

Their products also include extensive eye shadow palettes which one has to have a look at, lipsticks, lip glosses and eyebrow products. 

Kryolan eyeshadow palettes. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Kemp says their eyeshadows are pigmented so it is gentle on the skin, as most of their range caters for those with problematic skin and most of them are vegan friendly.

The natural makeup look is easier than you think. Kemp advises you to put on minimal base, foundation, glow on the cheek blush, mascara, filling in the eyebrows and finish off with some lip gloss or lipstick.

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