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26 Oct 2016
2:38 pm

Recipe: Mumbai potato masala sandwich with coriander and green chilli chutney

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Makes 2 EASY 1 hour.

Mumbai potato masala sandwich with coriander and green chilli chutney.



2 medium potatoes, peeled and roughly diced

2.5ml (½ tsp) vegetable oil

2.5ml (½ tsp) mustard seeds

2.5ml (½ tsp) cumin seeds

1 green chilli, seeded and
finely chopped

8 fresh curry leaves, torn

pinch ground turmeric

handful fresh coriander leaves, chopped

salt, to taste


2 x 30g punnets coriander

5ml (1 tsp) garam masala

1 green chilli, seeded

salt, to taste

45ml (3 tbsp) water

4 slices of white bread

butter, to spread

fresh curry leaves,
to garnish



1 For the potato masala, add the potato cubes to a pot of water. Bring to a boil and cook until the potatoes are tender, about 30 minutes. Drain the potatoes and mash until smooth while they are still hot. Heat the vegetable oil in a pan over low heat. Add the mustard seeds and fry until they crackle, about 1 minute.

Add the cumin seeds and fry, a further 1 – 2 minutes, until the cumin seeds splutter and become slightly darker. Add the chilli, curry leaves and turmeric and fry, 2 minutes. Stir through the mashed potato and chopped coriander, taste the mixture and season accordingly. Set aside
until needed.

2 For the chutney, add all of the ingredients to a blender and blitz until a pesto-like consistency is achieved. Set aside until needed.

3  Assemble the sandwiches by spreading each side of the 4 slices of white bread generously with butter. Heat a griddle pan over medium-high heat. Spread a layer of the potato filling over 2 of the slices of bread and sandwich each together with the remaining slices. Grill the sandwiches in the heated griddle pan, about
2 minutes per side.

4 Serve the sandwiches sliced on the diagonal, with a side of chutney for dipping, and garnished with fresh curry leaves, if desired.

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