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Thabang Buthelezi
2 minute read
17 Oct 2017
12:34 pm

Enmasse: Tea that heals

Thabang Buthelezi

Enmasse brew helps blood pressure and is good for fighting the common cold and anxiety.

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I was first introduced to enmasse tea while visiting Cape Town in August. The weather was hot and cold, damp, moody and aggressively windy, all at the same time, typical of Cape Town.

To prevent catching a cold, I went to V&A Waterfront for a warm beverage. I came across an attractive shop display decked out with tea accessories and a variety of flavoured tea: the enmasse tea stand.

Enmasse Tea Merchants is an offshoot of Enmasse Massage. Enmasse is a South African brand established in 2010. Its goal is to change the notion of a tea ceremony by combining the allure of authenticity with convenience.

Because I was sceptical of trying something new, I bought a cup of their green rooibos, made from the Aspalathus linearis plant, which is indigenous to the Western Cape. After 10 minutes of brewing, I had my tea in my hand and the shop assistant solemnly promised it would combat colds.

I also learnt that it has antiaging properties, is great for stabilising blood pressure and assists if you are diabetic, anxious or have high cholesterol. It also helps your digestion, among other things.

Enmasse’s brand of tea is authentic in the that it is sourced locally and it comes in 12 flavours is an experience. And it’s best drunk without sugar.

enmasse tea

I can assure you that after every cup, I am overcome with a sense of calmness. Because I suffer from anxiety, I have started using the tea as a natural remedy – instead of buying expensive antidepressants.

Wide range of unusual flavours:

  • The Connoisseur (organic rooibos) for the discerning rooibos drinker.
  • Earl Grey: A punchy yet delicate aromatic bergamot and black tea blend.
  • Green Rooibos: green tea but without the bitter tannins and caffeine.
  • Mint tea: half spearmint and half peppermint.
  • Hot Cross Bun Chai: a warming, full-bodied spiced chai.
  • Chocolate Chai: a full-bodied spiced chai with real cocoa.
  • Twilight Zone: a calming infusion of chamomile, lavender and valerian.
  • Devil’s Advocate: a curiously strong, full-bodied ginger and chilli.
  • Cleansing Detox: an unusual blend of burdock root, lemon grass, lemon balm and fennel seeds.
  • Jasmine Queen: a clean blend of green rooibos and jasmine.
  • Sticky Naartjie: a naartjie-flavoured tea complimented with a hint of honeycomb.
  • Cape Turkish Apple: a traditional Turkish apple blend with a slight local twist. It’s sweet, fruity and very moreish.

Twelve flavour bursts can be enjoyed without sugar. If you have a sweet tooth, two drops of honey will suffice to offset any bitter taste.