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21 Nov 2017
8:50 am

Is the cost of health food really worth it?

ATW Nutrition Coaching

When it comes to the prices on health-food products, it seems like the sky’s the limit.

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Seemingly similar health products range widely in price, some selling at prices of up to triple their competition. And while there may be some added value in the much more expensive product, I think we need a careful examination of how much added benefit you’re really getting for triple your money.

You see, this is an issue in every industry. You want a new car? Well, you can have a perfectly serviceable used car for R120 000, or a similar car brand new for R200 000, or a high-level sports car for R1 200 000.

So why the price discrepancy? Well, you may get a service plan and some extra peace-of-mind between the first two, but between the second two, all you’re getting is status and extra speed which you (legally) can’t use.

And health-food products are the same.

There’s a definite sweet-spot in each market (which happens to be where the majority of the products will be placed price-wise) where you’re getting the best value for your money. After this point on the price-scale, the quality may improve, but only very slightly, and at extreme cost. The super-cheapies and the super-expensive products are usually not worth it.

I recommend finding a brand whose reputation you trust, and whose pricing you can afford, and then support them. Don’t be conned into the thinking of ‘the expensive one must be the best’, because that simply isn’t true. The expensive one may be exactly the same as all the others, and if it is better it may only be one percent better, for triple the money.

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