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Catherine Schenck
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7 May 2018
11:46 am

This is how you should be organising your fridge

Catherine Schenck

You can store drinks and condiments in the fridge door since it is the warmest spot in the fridge.

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Is your fridge a jumble of vegetables, milk, leftover pizza and something mouldy from two weeks ago?

Don’t worry, many fridges look like this, but we’ve found some clever tips to help you organise yours.

Location, location, location

Did you know there are colder and warmer spots in your fridge? Therefore, it’s better to store certain products in specific places, according to how cool they should ideally be. It is also more hygienic to store certain things separately, such as meat away from dairy or vegetables, and raw foods away from cooked foods.

A good rule of thumb is to remember that the higher the temperature you would need to cook your food at, the lower down in the fridge it should be stored, as this is where it’s cooler.

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Fruit and veg

If your fridge has a “low-humidity” or “crisper” drawer, that’s where your fruit will generally be stored, as fruit needs as little moisture as possible.

On the other hand, the high humidity drawer is where you’d keep your vegetables.

Where to store meat and dairy

Way at the bottom of your fridge is where you should store meat to keep it cool and avoid contaminating other items in your fridge.

Keep your cuts of meat sealed and placed on dishes to avoid any meat juices dripping in your fridge, especially if they’re placed on shelves above other items. This is also an important section to clean often and properly.

About halfway up the fridge you’d store perishables such as dairy, eggs, and other products that are uncooked or spoil easily.

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What about leftovers?

Ready-made foods and leftovers are generally placed on the top shelf.

This area is a bit warmer than the other areas and therefore foods that won’t spoil too easily should be stored there (it’s also a good place to be reminded to finish the rest of your pizza).

What to store in the fridge door

In the fridge door is where you can store drinks and condiments. This is the warmest spot in the fridge and gets the most exposure to heat as you open and close the door.

This is also a spot that needs to be cleaned frequently as these items tend to spill. It’s actually one of the worst spots to store milk, which should be kept as cold as possible.

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