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Angela Bekiaris
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29 Apr 2019
5:06 pm

10 ways to make fast food healthier

Angela Bekiaris

Keep your kids and yourselves healthy by controlling portion sizes and skipping the fries.

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We all get a craving for fast food every now and again – unless you’re super motivated, which is great so kudos to you.

But next time you find yourself outside a fast food joint, use the following tips to keep the meal slightly healthier than usual.

1. Stick to a single hamburger patty.

2. Hold or go light on the mayonnaise.

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3. Go easy on special sauces, which add a lot of calories.

4. Say no to bacon, cheese, onion rings, and other calorie-laden burger toppings.

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5. Skip the fries – and the shake.

6. Control your portion size.

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7. Try to fill up with a side salad.

8. Choose lighter cheese options on pizza – or even a healthier base.

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9. Aim to keep the entire meal 500 calories or less.

10. Opt for foods that are lower in fat, and higher in protein and fibre.

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