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11 Nov 2019
2:40 pm

Beer and food pairing tips

Citizen Reporter

As the festive season is approaching, you might be thinking about hosting a party and inviting all your friends and family.

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Beers have so many complex flavours and extreme differences such as bready, caramel, hoppy, and citrusy flavours, which often pairs well with food.

The two keys to pairing beer with food are either accentuating a food flavour or balancing it. Keeping in mind that every taster has a unique palate doesn’t hurt either. It’s all about finding harmonies to complement each other and staying away from any overpowering flavours.

It can be difficult to find the perfect match, but perfection should not be the goal here. Creativity and enabling others to open their minds by tantalising their taste buds is your aim. If you take that approach, then your tasters will undoubtedly enjoy their experience and discover something new.

Best paired with: Meat and chicken
• Flame-grilled burgers
• Grilled chicken & Chisa-Nyama
• Chili con carne
• BBQ ribs

Castle Lager and Castle Lite 

Castle Lager is best paired with: Meat
• Braai meats (e.g. grilled sirloin) – it is a South African tradition to drink Castle Lager at our typical braais.
• Mild curry – it acts as a “semi-fire blanket” against mild curries only.

Castle Lite is best paired with: Light flavours
• Cold meats
• Salads (includes pasta salads)

Corona Extra

Best paired with: Mexican meals
• Seafood
• Enchiladas
• Burritos
• Tacos
• Tapas
• Enchiladas

Stella Artois 

Best paired with: Creamy dishes
• Cheeseboards
• Belgian mussel-pot
• Steak dishes

Beck’s Green

Best paired with: Sushi or meat
• Sushi
• Spicy foods
• Steak dishes
• Rich Oxtail
• Mala Mogodu
• Burgers

Hansa Pilsener 

Best paired with: Light flavoured foods/seafood
• Lightly flaked herby white fish
• Crisp green salads with cream dressing
• Broccoli
• Fried Camembert in phyllo pastry

Castle Milk Stout 

Best paired with: Oysters and puddings
• Fresh oysters
• Rich stews
• Oxtail
• Big flavoured roasts with an intense sauce
• Any chocolate or toffee pudding


Best paired with: Brunch or lunch menus
• Asian food
• Seafood
• Salads
• Picnics

Leffe Blond 

Best paired with: Fine dining
• Red meat
• Vinegary dishes
• Ham and cheese

Newland’s Spring Jacob’s pale ale 

Best paired with: Complicated flavours
• Wild mushrooms
• Cured ham

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