Parenty Staff Writer
1 minute read
4 Feb 2020
12:00 pm

Mother meal preps 25 lunchboxes for her 5 kids every week

Parenty Staff Writer

Organised mom shows us flames when it comes to preparing lunchboxes.

Suzanne's meal prep

A family of five can be a tad too much to prepare meals and lunchboxes every day. But for this Queensland, UK mother, meal prep is part of her weekly schedule. Suzanne posted a picture of a whopping 25 lunchboxes for her family.

The lunchboxes are for Monday through to Friday and contain everything from bread to fruits and vegetables, including sweets.

Suzanne’s meal prep

Suzanne uses the Go Green lunchboxes which uses an airtight feature that keeps the food fresher for longer reported Daily Mail.

Suzanne’s meal prep

Suzanne definitely gets the award for ‘Most Organized Mom’ in our lifetime!

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