Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
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30 Aug 2021
12:48 pm

This Joburg street food spot is just ‘Peachy’

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Awarded Ethnic Restaurant of the Year at the Luxe Restaurant Awards, Peachy at 44 Stanley, Johannesburg is definitely shaking things up.

Peachy's signature cocktails. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Images of outdoor living, soaking up the sun and sipping on your favourite cocktails at your hang out spot were a norm pre-Covid. And now, the reopening of restaurant Peachy has allowed us to get our hopes up that this will be the norm once again.

Reopening its doors again after closures in January and July this year because of the lockdown and liquor sales restrictions, Peachy has made its mark among the vibey chic restaurants of 44 Stanley in Johannesburg.

Serving up modern street food, with American and Asian cuisine traits, their bold cocktails have made it the place to be.

Creative entrepreneur Matt Suttner is the man behind the restaurant. He wanted to create a space that is easy, fun, fresh with nostalgic vibes throughout.

Peachy has executed its vibrant atmosphere with its interior design. The vibrant colours from candy stripes tones have given it a retro look throughout the space – from Murano chandeliers creating a larger space to the luminous mosaics around the fireplace.

So we couldn’t wait to see and eat what Peachy had to offer, especially after being awarded Ethnic Restaurant of the Year at the Luxe Restaurant Awards in June.


Peachy menu                                     

Tapas-style food

The menu at Peachy was created by talented chef Jess Doveton. She is known for her inventive and creative approach to Asian flavours, particularly Thai food.

The menu is perfect for people sharing as the options range from small plates to vegan and vegetable choices, including desserts.

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A group of four to six should budget R250-R300 each.

When the American-style buffalo wings with a ranch dip were plated, the pop of colour from the wings grabbed the attention. The sauce on the hot wings was perfectly spicy, definitely not burning the tongue, with the ranch dip balancing out the flavours.

Peachy buffalo wings. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

The slider options include fried shroom, pork belly, bacon and egg, beef and fried chicken. The fried shroom, a mushroom patty, was quite a tongue twister, with the patty literally tasting like actual meat. This veg patty can fool any meat eater.

A notable mention to the chicken sliders; they were tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

On the side of the greens, Peachy salads are an upgrade. The pork belly cubes with a sticky sweet glaze and mint salad were fresh and not too dry. The standout was their signature “Peachy Salad” with avocado, toasted almonds, fresh peaches and brie cheese. The saltiness from the brie, along the sweetness of the fruit, made for a cohesive crisp dish.

Peachy Salad. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

When trying out the veg and vegan small plates, pick as many options as you can because you won’t regret it.

The kimchi fitters with gooey melted gruyere and stuffed kimchi rice fritters were a nice switch. The batter was crispy on the outside, unsure if the rice was supposed to be mashy however the crunchiness from the kimchi stabilised the flavours.

Always having space for dessert, the deep-fried chocolate chip cookie dough is a slam dunk. It is sweet with a hint of saltiness. For a lighter way to end your meal, the “Peach Sorbet” is a winner too.

If you are on the hunt for the best cocktails in Johannesburg, Peachy’s signature cocktails are a must-try. Just as quirky as the restaurant, the Gingersnap with Malfy con Limone – with a citrusy, spicy ginger kick – is what the doctor ordered.

It packs a punch in the right way, not as sweet as their other cocktails.