Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
6 Oct 2021
12:04 pm

‘Hake wors’? There’s something fishy about Woolies’ new seafood sausage

Sandisiwe Mbhele

How would you cook hake 'wors'? Over a braai or in the oven?

Woolworths' new 'hake wors'. Picture: Twitter @JohannBiermann1

Woolworths is known for their high-quality food and speciality products such as their bread, bakes and meats. However, their new hake sausage isn’t adding up for everyone.

Twitter user Johann Biermann posted a picture of the new “hake wors” with a laughing emoji.

The tweet was seen by Woolworths, who said they had a “good laugh” and are willing to gift him a voucher to try out their hake sausages.

However, much of the conversation turned to how the hake sausages would taste and the comments section was a fishy mess, to say the least.

It wasn’t just the “hake wors” that caught people’s attention but rather the high price for eight hake sausages, which were labelled at R274.10. However, if you go onto the Woolworths website, it costs R99.99 for 400g.

The company also has hake chipolatas. Chipolatas are traditional French pork sausages mixed with pepper and herb spices. Woolies hake chipolatas are mixed with hake, kingklip, white pepper and parsley among many things.

Their hake sausages are made from sustainably sourced hake and kingklip and fresh parsley.

Other fish sausages from Woolworths are trout and haddock.

Meanwhile, the brand’s cakes are never far from a discussion on Twitter and have been claimed undisputedly as the best fresh bakes in any supermarket.

Twitter user @BonGuru commented: “Ever since I’ve chowed the cake from Woolworths that’s when I knew I can’t eat any cake especially the cream ones from other ‘stores’ I wouldn’t mention and how I love the [chocolate] mint … Yeeerrrr!”

Another user Tebogo also said the chocolate caramel and vanilla cake was delicious, along with the carrot cake, because they are “moist and fresh.”