Kaunda Selisho
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18 Mar 2020
11:11 am

How to manage coronavirus anxiety

Kaunda Selisho

Psychotherapist Anna Mathur provides a few tips on how to manage coronavirus anxiety, especially if you are practising self-isolation.

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As the country’s number of confirmed coronavirus cases rises exponentially on an almost daily basis and more and more South Africans do what they can to prevent catching the virus and limit its spread, it is only natural that some find themselves feeling anxious about the situation we find ourselves in.

Psychotherapist Anna Mathur provides a few tips on how to manage coronavirus anxiety (especially if you are practising self-isolation):

1. Limit your exposure to the news

Mathur advises contacting a family member or friend to only notify you about the big, important announcements from time to time.

2. Maintain a routine

According to Mathur, a routine is a building block for good mental health so having one during this time will help manage anxiety.

3. Control your breathing 

Controlled breathing helps one access their rational brain so doing breathing exercises whenever your anxiety peaks is advised.

4. Try to get some fresh air 

There is no reason to completely avoid the outside world so Mathur advises opening a few windows and drinking your preferred beverage on your balcony, porch or at the front door for some regular fresh air.

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