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10 Feb 2021
9:59 am

TytoHome offers safe, accurate remote virtual consultations


Get access to a remotely guided doctor visit anywhere, anytime with Discovery Health and the TytoHome device. The TytoHome medical device is changing lives by making virtual medical care more accurate and accessible than ever.

In the last year, there’s been a rise of untreated healthcare conditions as people, wary of Covid-19 exposure, have avoided important trips to their doctor. Social distancing is still very much the norm, but when this means that you or your family are not getting the healthcare attention you need, this measure may become counter-productive.

Enter the TytoHome mobile medical device – an award-winning, mobile medical device made available in South Africa by Discovery Health, that enables a remotely-guided virtual consultation with a doctor – from the comfort of your home.

What is TytoHome and how does it work?

TytoHome is a lightweight and portable medical exam kit that includes an examination camera, thermometer, otoscope and stethoscope. This allows users to capture clinical-grade images of the ear, throat and skin, as well as lung and heart auscultations, which they can seamlessly share with a doctor in our network in real time using the Connected Care platform on the Discovery website or app.

Using this data, the healthcare provider can offer their patient a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription if needed. The device is easy to use and your GP will guide you through the consultation to get all the clinical images and sounds they need – making virtual consultations more accurate and access to quality healthcare more convenient than ever.

According to Dr Unben Pillay, a general practitioner from Midrand and CEO of ASAIPA, the quality of images from TytoHome is likely better than what many healthcare practitioners see in their practices using otoscopes or torches. He is convinced that the device will be game-changing for virtual consultations in the future, states Medical Brief Africa.

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Enabling a seamless, end-to-end digital healthcare journey

The best news is that TytoHome integrates fully into Discovery’s new Connected Care platform, available through www.discovery.co.za or the Discovery app, which connects Discovery Health Medical Scheme members with a range of appropriate home-based healthcare services for all levels of care. From on-demand diagnostic consultations and e-scripting to medicine delivery and more.

So whatever your reasons for preferring a virtual consultation, a TytoHome device can enable high-quality healthcare through remote examination. This makes it especially helpful when treating common or chronic medical conditions, which, with frequent monitoring, can be safely, conveniently and effectively treated from home.