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6 Feb 2020
12:19 pm

Top condom brands for you to explore this Valentine’s Day

Citizen Reporter

Skyn, as the name suggests these condoms are designed to for you to ‘feel everything’.

Love condoms. Picture: Supplied

International Condom Day (ICD) comes the day before Valentine’s Day to create awareness that #SaferIsSexy because condoms are highly effective for more than just contraception, as the thin latex of condoms is a physical barrier that also protects against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and HIV infection.

Recently, the hashtag #Condomless was trending, partly due to the dangerous perception promoted by pornography in which actors portray sex acts without condoms with carefree abandon. The perception of ‘carefree abandon’ is only possible because the pornography industry requires legal contracts and rigorous monthly testing for HIV and STIs.

Pornography is fantasy, not a “how-to” manual. The reality is that sex with a condom is 10,000 times safer than unprotected sex. Condoms should be used correctly and consistently for every sexual encounter, even if going ‘raw’ makes you feel like a rockstar.

Contrary to popular belief, research has shown that wearing a condom prolongs the pleasure, so celebrate ICD and get ready for an epic Valentine’s Day by strategically leaving a few condoms on your bedside table to let your partner know that things going to get sexy.

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We’ve listed the top condoms brands for you to explore and enjoy:

Casanova are premium dotted condoms, for extra sensation, and come either plain or in a range of delectable flavours like chocolate, banana, and strawberry. Named after the Italian lover, who was converted to using condoms, regularly, when he learnt of their protection abilities.

Contempo are available in a range of styles from ribbed, to ultra-thin, studded, extra lubricated and endurance. The packaging on these ones speaks volumes.

Dr Long’s Long Love condoms are reputed to control climax and delay premature ejaculation, claiming to “provide staying power for a more satisfying experience”.

Durex, probably the brand most well-known for ‘sensational’ condoms, includes variations with a real skin feel, ‘fetherlite’ condoms, ribbed and coated, performance-enhancing and extra-safe condoms that are thicker and more lubricated.

Icon condoms are available free from AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the world’s largest HIV service provider. Icon condoms are larger and thinner, designed for well-endowed men. A note of caution: wearing a condom that is too big for you will reduce protection as it can easily slide off.

LifeStyles are premium condoms available in delicious flavours, ultra-thin for a sensitive experience and ribbed for fantasy play.

Love condoms are the original AHF condom, available free of charge. Designed for safe, fun sex they are distributed at all AHF events and are available from all AHF supported clinics. Click the link to see where your nearest clinic is .

Lovers+ with the slogan “It’s playtime”, you can expect flavoured, scented, ribbed and studded condoms along with smooth and climax delay for hours of play.

Max are the free condoms distributed by the South African Government. Available in regular and a range of tropical flavours, they are high quality, well lubricated and add fun.

Skyn – as the name suggests, these condoms are designed to for you to ‘feel everything’. Priding themselves on a natural feeling. The five senses condom pack contains five different condoms each with a signature sensation of taste and touch.

Trust are a brand that cares about your safety and have designed a range of condoms made with natural rubber latex to provide the highest level of protection when used correctly. While they are focused on safety, they do know how to enhance an intimate moment with texture.

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