Nonzwakazi Cekete
2 minute read
6 Mar 2021
11:00 am

New ‘intimacy’ shop aims to help with sexual self-awareness

Nonzwakazi Cekete

After the demise of her marriage due to matters in the bedroom going south, an entrepreneur decided to start her own intimacy shop to help other women.

Carmen Ely's marriage collapsed because her union lacked in the intimacy department. Now she has decided to help other women by starting her own sex shop, Play With Me, so that they don't go through what she went through. Picture: Supplied

There’s a new feminine, sensual and elegant adult store in town. Whether you want a little bit of adventure in your solo engagements or with a partner, Play With Me has just the right toys for you.

According to the founder Carmen Ely, Play with Me was created to provide the market with a much-needed holistic approach to sex and relationships.

“It’s vital to the success of any healthy relationship to find the ‘self’ in sexual self-awareness. By investing in your own sexual pleasure, coupled with our adult toys, you complete the circle of self-discovery and open yourself up to true intimacy in your relationships,” she says.

For Carmen this is not only a business venture but a solution to a problem she had and now hopes will solve the problem of those dying in silence.

She found herself in a marriage where one of the most important ingredients, intimacy, was lacking and the ripple effect of not knowing how to fix it was particularly taxing on her and relationship.

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Above that, having a daughter added another layer of distraction from the elephant in the room.

“Looking back, it’s very clear to me that we never took the time to understand each other’s sexual needs, or the importance thereof. This resulted in less connecting and mounting frustration. Everything else became ‘the issue’ because we never understood what the problem actually was,” she confesses.

Today, Carmen has built a business, in which she is extremely passionate about sourcing a range of incredible toys and accessories that greatly enhance sexual relations and intimacy.

“Play With Me stands for the freedom to express all of you, without fear of judgement or a sense of inferiority. It is about self-awareness and true intimacy,” she says pointing out they have a store in Lonehill, north of Joburg, and an online shop.

“By arming yourself with the self-knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work,” she says, “you can then equip your partner with the ability to share in and expand your pleasure,” she concludes.

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