Xanet Scheepers
Digital Lifestyle Editor
5 minute read
11 Jun 2022
2:05 pm

The impact of the KZN floods on the psyche will soon rear its ugly head if not addressed

Xanet Scheepers

Once the dust settles and life starts getting back some sense of normality, the trauma of the events that transpired in KwaZulu-Natal and other flood affected areas will kick in.

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In a country where someone commits suicide every hour, the lack of access to mental health care is extremely concerning. While South Africans are resilient, they are under constant pressure due to the high crime rate in the country, the high levels of poverty and unemployment. This constant stress, believes clinical psychologist, leading mental healthcare expert, Co-CEO and co-founder of ‘Join Panda’ a mental health app, Allan Sweidan, exacerbated the devastating effect on those affected by the recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal. “I think when the floods hit, for many people it was even more devastating because they didn’t really have...