Got heavy menstrual flow? The interlabial petal might help

A new alternative to traditional sanitary protection, the interlabial petal is especially useful for women with a heavy flow.

TikTok is a social network that can veer in all directions, but which can also help raise awareness among young people on many subjects, including menstruation. As such, interlabial petals or pads are the latest sanitary protection option that’s the talk of the Chinese social media site.

People are starting to talk more freely about menstruation, and sanitary pads are becoming more and more diverse in order to adapt to all women’s flows. On TikTok, the interlabial petal or pad is causing a buzz, and is emerging as a new must-have protection option for women who have a very heavy flow. Its hashtag has nearly 138,000 views.

Comparable to a mini sanitary towel, the interlabial petal is washable and reusable. It folds and is placed between the vaginal lips. It is not used alone, since a classic form of protection is required in addition. Which could lead you to wonder what’s the point of bothering with them at all?

The answer is simple, these pads promise to help slow the flow of a period. It is not a miracle product, but it simply soaks up the first part of the blood flow to avoid having to change pads too quickly. This petal can absorb between 2 and 5 ml of blood, which is not insignificant, bearing in mind that a woman with a heavy flow loses 60 to 80 ml of blood during her period.

The interlabial petal can also redirect the flow, depending on its placement, towards the front or the back, to avoid overflow on the sides.

In terms of maintenance, the interlabial petal requires the same care as washable towels and menstrual panties. After use, simply rinse with clean water and machine wash. It appears to be a good alternative for women who have a flow that is too heavy to be able to wear a tampon or a cup, even if the two can also be used together.

More and more alternatives to traditional protection

While some sanitary towels and tampons are being criticized for the health risks they may pose, alternatives continue to emerge. After the rise of washable pads and cups, menstrual panties seem to be more and more appreciated by women looking for comfort during their periods.

The trend is such that it is even developing among swimwear designers, always with a view to maximizing comfort and convenience by avoiding traditional tampons. These alternatives now include the interlabial petal, which is a new ally for women who want to avoid leakage.

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