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Time to check-up on your fitness resolutions

You might be thinking you don’t need to do a mid-year goal review because you know exactly what progress you’ve made, but doing a goal review is a must.

Can you believe we are already in the third quarter of the year? Time seriously sneaks up on you, so it’s important to keep track of all those goals you set at the beginning of the year. It’s easy to let things slide by without any thought but then you get to December and realise you didn’t do anything and feel disappointed.

Doing a goal review is a must. You might be thinking you don’t need to do a mid-year goal review because you know exactly what progress you’ve made. I still urge you to sit down and revisit those goals you set in January. Sometimes you think you’re making progress, only to find out you are off course. I’ve been there.

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What goals did you start with?

Remind yourself why you chose certain goals. Was your goal to train for a specific race or be able to run a certain distance? Remembering why you chose an activity and returning to the enjoyment can help restore your focus.

Did you set short- or long-term goals?

If you set a goal to be able to run a marathon without short-term achievements, you may have set yourself up for failure. Setting smaller targets keeps you feeling optimistic and makes the journey to your long-term goal feel less monumental

Are your plans sustainable?

Remember the acronym “smart”? Review your goals and double check them by comparing them to smart (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely). Perhaps you didn’t have measurable goals. It’s not too late to make revisions because there is no need to simply give up.

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Do you have goals you have started but not completed yet?

Discover new methods to reach those goals and instead of quitting, consider you are at a point (midyear) where a revitalisation may be all you need to get there. You still have several months left.

Did you overwhelm yourself with too many resolutions?

Statistics show, while 45% of people make resolutions, only eight percent are successful. Downsize and focus on the ones you have found most enjoyable or provided the best results; these are the goals you have the best chance of reaching.

What obstacles have you encountered, and how can you overcome them?

If you look back and see there have been difficult circumstances preventing you from maintaining your routine, note ways you can avoid them or methods to quash them. Perhaps modifying your exercise routine to schedule a day of rest or a shorter workout on days you are busier. Or, you can focus on your respiratory workouts on days when you simply cannot fit a workout in or are sore.

Increase your odds to finish the year strong

Enlist a friend who may be in the same boat as you. There is no need to be embarrassed if you haven’t come as close to reaching your goals as you had planned. You are only human and a connection can increase your odds of reaching your goals. Work out together, share your experiences, or simply be accountable to each other.

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