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Fitness Market: Back to basics with your fitness goals

If you need some motivation to get back to your fitness goals, these easy tips will get you back on track.

At the beginning of the year, many of us had body goals to get into the best shapes of our lives, however, we are nearly halfway through 2022 and those goals are in all likelihood not the same anymore. 

Most people’s News Year’s resolutions, without fail, every year is that we’ll start moving more and that we’re ready to chuck fad diets, imminent fasting, and green juices have out the window. 

This is possibly why it’s necessary to have fitness markets to remind people of the basics of getting back into healthy habits. 

Fitness Market hosted by SWT and headed up by personal trainer Sam Manaka took place at Hyde Park Corner on the 30 April. Fitness enthusiasts, beginners and sports apparel owners gathered to participate in a few classes.

There were four intense sessions of 45 minutes each which included functional training, kickboxing and yoga elements.

Manaka said the market began as a way to promote fitness to those who want to start, have a fresh start in exercising and showcase local sports brands.

“It’s all about the lifestyle, teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle, to eat and take care of themselves,” he explained.

WATCH: Fitness Market, everyday tips to a healthier lifestyle

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He reiterated the Fitness Market for beginners to feel welcomed, that starting this journey is so daunting and that working out can be introduced into your daily routine, from just exercising three days a week for about 45 minutes. 

The biggest fitness trend currently is strength training with weights, however, Sam says cardio is one of the best ways to see weight loss particularly done in multiple reps.

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The market had stalls of fitness clothes and the owner of Mustard Seed & Race, Janine Makoko, said their brand is responsible for bespoke clothing for women, created for all bodies and sizes.

“A lot of our clients, especially in the African market, our bodies are so different, unique and robust as well.” She adds they have listened to women’s needs in terms of wanting clothes to have the right fit, a similar strategy from the new kid on the block MK Oziel Sportswear. 

The lifestyle, sport and activewear line has made quite a big splash by using familiar faces such as Sarah Langa and Amanda du Pont as brand ambassadors.

Their line includes yoga leggings, biker shorts and a sweat set designed to cover fuller bodies and maximum coverage for the butt area.

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