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WATCH: What it is like to take a health analyzer test in under a minute

Medsavvy’s health analyzer is designed to quickly and non-invasively examine your health.

The sheer thought of a full-body scan or health analyzer test, detailing your body composition, your body fat percentage, and statistics of your cardiovascular, brain and heart health isn’t a test most people would gladly sign up to experience. 

The Citizen’s lifestyle team is on the journey of health this year and our next step was to know where our health currently stands. 

Dr Nabeel Adam is the owner of Medasavvy – a health analyzer business where clients simply hold a handheld device to scan their bodies.

Medsavvy’s health analyser is designed to quickly and non-invasively examine your health.

The main takeaway from this test is that people get to be comfortable when they take the test as they don’t need to take off their clothes or go to a health centre to do the test. It can be done in the comfort of your home or office.  

Trying this out, we took a health analyzer test at The Citizen offices.

Dr Adam has a degree in medicine and surgery says he is well aware this test can be overwhelming for some of his clients, particularly as the results expose any health concerns and problems. 

WATCH: We take a health analyzer test with Dr Adam

This video is no longer available.

The analyser captures the electromagnetic waves emitted by the body to capture all the data. 

In a matter of minutes, Dr Adam does go through the results with you. He highlights each concern which can cause stress and anxiety as all the information can be heavy in one go. However, the results serve as a way to hopefully change your daily habits into more healthy ones and avoid possible prolonged health conditions. 

Dr Nabeel Adam from Medasavvy. Picture: Supplied

Dr Adam has noticed a trend among his clients who have taken the test and the common concerns are generally caused by people’s bad diet. 

“Generally [this causes] cholesterol to pick up, your kidneys, the liver, basically your organs are an issue.”

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He adds people can remedy this by changing their diets, introducing exercising and improving their sleep quality, “deep and good quality sleep is important.”

Once a person is informed of their health status, Dr Adam says people should mentally change their habits and lifestyle from thereon.

“It is tough changing your lifestyle all of a sudden,” he advises small changes as this adjustment will take some time.

The health analyzer has about a 95%-100% accuracy, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing 20 plus health concerns including personalised treatment.

The treatment includes supplements, and teas that target the problem areas, effectively assisting your health and fitness journey.

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