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By Karabo Motsiri Mokoena

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Pampers launches digital diapers

New diapers will alert parents as to when nappies are full!

Yes, you read correctly, 2020 brings with it a diaper that alerts you when it is wet. The Lumi by Pampers  diaper was officially rolled out at CES 2020, the global stage for innovation. 

Lumi by Pampers is a three-part system that includes;

  • Smart sensor
  • Baby camera 
  • Mobile app

How does it work? 

Mom or dad attaches the smart sensor to a baby’s diaper, and the sensor then alerts them (on their mobile device) to change the diaper when it is wet. 

Pampers also launched the “Share the Love” campaign with Shay Mitchell and Chrissy Teigen to remind moms that they are doing a good job at raising their children.

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