CES 2020: State-of-the-art technology for the kitchen

Not everyone who cooks needs to be a top chef to create delicious meals.

This trio of gadgets for the kitchen on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show can help you make a better meal and clean up faster when you’re done.

When your future self needs help in the kitchen, one of these high-tech devices from CES 2020 could be at your disposal to give you a hand at the grill or the stovetop.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

Picture: Weber

To assist barbecuers with everything it takes to cook lunch on a grill, Weber is showing the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub, a little device that alerts users when food is ready to flip, serve and eat.

The hub comes with two probes — a meat probe and an ambient probe — to track information about the food and the grill which can then be viewed on a complementary smartphone app.

No matter which type of grill you have, this hub will be able to help you cook every step of the way when it launches later this year for $129.99 (R1,850).

CookingPal Julia

Picture: CookingPal

For those who prefer doing their cooking indoors, CookingPal’s Julia is touted as an all-in-one solution.

This countertop appliance not only offers users hands-free cooking guidance, but is also a grinder, a scale, a steamer and seven other tools all in one.

Plus, it can be paired with a touch display from the same CookingPal family so you can follow recipes and check in on your meal’s progress from wherever you may be.

As Julia is 10 different appliances in one which are all equipped with connected smart technology, the device will go on sale later this year for almost $1,000 (R14,200).

Townew electronic trash can

Picture: Townew

Lastly, to help make cleanup easier whether you’ve been grilling or working in the kitchen, Townew is present at CES to display its electronic trash can.

In addition to automatically sealing trash bags at the push of a button or when the bag is full, the can will replace it after you take the bag out.

The Townew Trash Can is available now for an on-sale price of $99.95 (R1,420).

All products are on display in Las Vegas at the 2020 CES conference which runs January 7- 10.

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