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Spruce up your kitchen with these three modern kitchen trends for 2023

Whether you are building a kitchen from scratch or updating an existing space, here are some tips to get you started.

If your New Year’s plans include redoing your kitchen, being abreast of the latest kitchen trends will ensure that you create a modern kitchen to suit your taste.

Incorporate more colour in your kitchen

Designers are moving away from an all-white approach through one-tones and stainless-steel-finished look kitchens and gravitating toward including a more complex palette.

Jason Wells, Brand and Marketing Manager at PG Bison says with the availability of fresh new colours and designs to compliment modern spaces and lifestyles, kitchen design is becoming more and more sophisticated

Pale greens, blues and darker grey and carbon solid colours are in vogue.

Designers are now mixing and matching solid colours and wood grains to create visual interest through the combination of tones and textures.

For example, matt grey pairs beautifully with a textured natural wood. Gloss white, which also remains very popular, can be used with a solid colour and a wood texture as accents for a stylish three-tone space.

International design shows, such as The Block Australia, Grand Designs and Amazing Interiors, have also popularised kitchens with character and retro colour palettes.

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Matt kitchens are the new in-thing

Wells says there is a huge trend towards kitchens in darker colours, particularly in matt finishes. Matt shades tend to scatter light randomly, reducing reflections to negligible levels.

Designers are opting for much darker greys and charcoal colours in a matt finish and accenting it with a wood-grain or stone-finish design.

Nature-inspired surfaces

Marble is enjoying a huge revival. However, it remains too pricey for many people’s budgets. Thankfully, improvements in digital scanning and printing, as well as in manufacturing, mean that ultra-realistic finishes are now available in high-pressure laminates (HPL) and melamine-faced boards (MFB), with options that capture the look of marble, granite, stone and timber, in a diverse range to suit every taste.

Wells says modern products look incredibly true-to-life and designers are incorporating touches of marble- or timber-look into kitchens in all sorts of interesting ways, from centre islands to shelving and backing in cabinets with glass doors and internal lighting.

If you’re not sure where to start, have a look at these kitchen designs for inspiration.

*Compiled by Xanet Scheepers

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