What you need to know when adopting a dog from the SPCA

The process of adopting a pure or mixed-breed dog takes about five to seven days, after which the owner can collect the animal and take it home.

The Tshwane SPCA recently took in two Vizsla dogs – a mother and her pup, who were quickly adopted by a loving owner with a soft spot for the breed.

The SPCA explained to Pretoria North Rekord what is involved in the adoption process for pure- and mixed-breed dogs.

SPCA Tshwane spokesperson Elsa Daniels said: “It was evident that the two females were well-trained, well-mannered and well-bred. They are companion and family dogs. It’s no secret that many people prefer purebred dogs, so we suspected that the mom and pup duo would be noticed quickly.

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“It was important to place these dogs with people who know and understand the breed.”

After some enquiries, it was found that the mother dog was KUSA registered and was imported from Hungary about eight years ago, at a price of around R60,000.

Both dogs were adopted by a man who had recently lost his male Vizsla to cancer and they have since peacefully settled into their new life with their new loving owner.

The two Vizsla dogs. Photo: Supplied

“The SPCA Tshwane would like to inform the public that we take in all animals – from crossbreeds to purebreds. Please visit the society first, before you search elsewhere for a pet to adopt. Adoption fee for pets includes microchips, vaccinations, and sterilisations,” Daniels concluded.

The costs are as follows:

– Adult dogs older than six months – R748.00.

– Puppies up to six months – R889.00.

– Adult cats older than six months – R546.00

– Kittens up to six months – R 889.00.

To adopt any animal from the SPCA, you’re required to:

– Visit the desired SPCA branch to select the animal you are interested in adopting.

– To start the adoption process, fill out the paperwork and pay the administrative deposit of R250. This goes towards fuel consumption for home visits.

– After a home visit is concluded and approved, the animal will be medically assessed, microchipped and sterilised before it goes to its new home.

– The process takes about five to seven days, after which the owner can collect the animal and take it home.

The general procedure followed is:

– When an animal is brought in to the facility, it is medically assessed, checked for a micro-chip and safely housed in the “stray kennel”.

– The animal is kept in this part of the kennel for seven days in case someone comes in to claim it.

– After seven days without being claimed, the animal is moved to the adoption kennels, where it officially becomes the SPCA’s duty to look for a new home.

– Depending on the well-being of the animal, it can be swapped or moved to other branches – in the case of the Tshwane SPCA, animals can be moved to the Centurion branch, where it would also be put up for adoption.