Mhluzi ATM thieves got R0

The Mhluzi ATM bombing thieves got nothing, according to Solomon Sedati, an investigating officer of ATM Solutions.

“We removed the money from the machine after the thieves tried to bomb the ATM for the first time on Monday,” said Mr Sedati.

The Absa Express ATM was bombed outside the Makhukhula’s Supermarket in Extension 5 of Mhluzi.

A policeman was patrolling the area during the early hours of Friday morning when he noticed the damaged ATM outside the supermarket.

The Observer was told last week by w/o Lize De Witt that there was no case on the police records on ATM bombing, Mr Sedati however told the paper on Monday morning that the case was reported and is still under investigation.

No arrests have been made.

The ATM Machine has since been removed for repairs.

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