Standard Bank ATM bombed at Midwater Centre

Two Standard Bank ATM’s at the Midwater Centre was bombed by four unknown suspects at about 22:00 on Monday night.

The loud bang of explosives resonated throughout Aerorand causing mild panic among residents of the area.

A member of the CPF Group who stumbled upon the scene by chance was fired upon with a R5 rifle. Fortunately he was not injured.

This also caused the suspects to flee before the ABSA ATM could be bombed – which is situated on the other side of the Midwater Spar entrance. It appeared to be tampered with.


Several bullets were recovered on the scene with reports of damages to shops and a vehicle due to gunshots.

Renovations at the Midwater Wimpy, situated alongside the Standard Bank ATM’s, is believed to have covered up the sound of drills as the suspects inserted the explosives in an attempt to blast the ATM’s open.

It was unclear early on Tuesday morning if the suspects got away with any cash. Police were on the look out for a white Golf in which the suspects escaped and no arrests have yet been made.

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