Video: Tips on treating your waiter

It seems the system is failing waiters and like many other people in this country, they have to depend on charity and good hearts.

You as a customer are now put on a guilt trip and feel solely responsible for waiters’ salaries when restaurants and their management are supposed to be the ones paying them decent salaries.

Nevertheless they are still people who, because of unemployment and insufficient education, ended up in this situation.

Most of them have families to take care of and do need your help when you enter a restaurant.

Here are are some tips from waiters to you:

  • Please calculate your tip in when budgeting for eating out since most of their money comes from tips
  • When they suggest extras, sauces, desserts or starters, please consider ordering it since they have a target to reach
  • Don’t order tap water because they get commission on bottled water
  • Most problems aren’t their fault because they’re only the messengers
  • Sit at the table they designate to you because if you move to another table, you move to another waiter’s table and your waiter won’t get any money
  • The speed of the food depends on the order and remember, they don’t make the food
  • If you leave without paying, chances are that they’ll have to pay your bill
  • 10% is not equal to R10
  • Don’t argue that you will not tip them because they already get paid by the restaurant, they work on commission and don’t get a set salary
  • Be patient, especially when the restaurant is full because orders are being made according to the number on your slip
  • Nothing is pre-made and therefore good food takes time
  • Don’t judge them on the language they speak or can’t speak
  • ‘Ngiyabonga’ doesn’t pay the bills
  • Respect them and their job
  • Remember they are human – they make mistakes and accidents happen

However, not everything is bad when it comes to being a waiter and it does have some perks.
Eugene Mathibela, Julia Mokwena, Lucia Makua and Lorraine Sithole are all waiters that were interviewed by the Middelburg Observer on camera.

They spoke about life as a waiter and all agreed that what they liked most about their job, was learning how to deal with and meeting different kinds of people.

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