Elections 2016: Interview with IEC Assistant Manager, Moses Pitso

IEC Assistant Manager, Moses Pitso talks about the preparations for voting stations as many voters make their mark at the 2016 Municipal elections on 3 August.

As South Africans take to the voting polls on 3 August 2016, IEC Assistant Manager, Moses Pitso talks to Joburg Today about the structures in place to make sure voting goes smoothly.

Millions of people are expected to vote around the country and Pitso says the IEC has had a lot of time to plan and are over prepared.

“The IEC has a number of administrative units called voting districts and in those voting districts there’s one voting station and what we do is demarcate a ward in those voting districts to make sure that people in that ward do not have to travel long distances to go and vote,” says Pitso.

Voting stations are open until 7pm.

Watch the full interview by Joburg Today below:

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