Video: ‘So you think you can spin?’

A teenager from Nasaret auditioned for the popular new competition show on e.TV ’So you think you can spin?’ and was an instant favourite - despite just falling short of qualifying to the next round.

With a R250,000 cash prize up for grabs, this platform sets out to identify the country’s top spinner.

Jaydon Essack is just 18-years-old and said this week that he started spinning from a young age after seeing his brother involved in the sport.

“I started driving when I was about nine-years-old and started spinning at the age of 12,” he said.

Despite limited resources and very little opportunity to spin in a controlled, supervised environment, Jaydon said that he is addicted to the sport and wanted to enter the competition as soon as he saw it advertised on Facebook and e.TV.

“I attended two auditions and never wanted to give up – although I was up against some of the best spinners who are well known all over the country. It was also a learning experience and I left with better knowledge of the sport. I will keep on practising until next year when the new season of the competition is open to entries”.

Jaydon said his only shortfall was the lack of opportunity to practice. He was the only youngster from Middelburg to enter the competition but says that there are many talented drivers in town who are skilled at spinning.

“Youngsters need to be given the opportunity to refine their spinning skills, and this can only be achieved through regulated and demarcated areas where we can legally practice this sport. If I had more practice I’m sure I would’ve done better”, he said.

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