Outrage over war talks

Harry Knoesen, ‘commander and chief’ of the National Christian Resistance Movement (Crusaders), is a self confessed racist.

A video that he loaded onto Facebook has been viewed more than 40 000 times. In the video he calls South Africa an ‘ugly country’ and a ‘mess’. He also calls himself a English Afrikaans Boer, something that does not sit well with actual farmers who refuse to be associated with him.

Knoesen’s video has infuriated many South African citizens, black and white, with members of organized agriculture unions distancing themselves from what they describe an “irresponsible lunatic” and Black First Land First threatening to lay a criminal charge against Knoesen.

Knoesen says in the video: “I am talking war. Yes, I am talking war. If Malema can say what he wants because he is black, then as a white general of my own movement, I can also say what I want.”

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During an interview with, Knoesen refused to repeat his mention of war.
“We cannot wait any longer, they are going to wipe us out. We have to turn the tables,” Knoesen said when asked about his plan for action.

He says that after he uploaded the video on Facebook, he has been accused of thinking that he is a white god.

“For long I have asked, where are the leaders of our nation? When will someone stand up and lead us? Then in December last year I put a status update on Facebook and had good reaction. Now my video has been viewed so many times. This country is calling out for someone to stand up and lead. I did not ask for it, it just happened that I am to be that leader,” Knoesen said.

He says that since his call for action, he has had many requests to join his movement from other radical movements. He did not want to mention the names of those movements.
“I have had many members from other movements that came to join me. They are tired of waiting.”

In the video Knoesen says that he is a racist and that he lost all that belonged to him because of BEE. But instead of re-building his business, Knoesen is now in the business of war talks.
There was a scuffle about funds on Knoesen’s Facebook page with one person accusing him of asking for money the moment they started talking.

Knoesen says that it is rubbish and that joining the Crusaders is free. He says that members offer to help where they can and that the person accusing him of asking for money, was boasting about how much money he makes.

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“I asked him why he does not give some of that money to the Crusaders. I never forced him to do anything,” Mr Knoesen said.

When asked how he makes a living, he says that members of the movement make sure he gets to where he is needed and that things get done. Mr Knoesen called black people “barbarians” saying that they only know how to steal, destroy and murder. He calls himself a believer in Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

When asked why he is ignoring the phrase in Romans 13 that reads “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God,” Knoesen says that the current government does not come from God but straight out of hell.

He reminded the journalist that he has a masters degree in theology.

When asked what he farms with, because he called himself a farmer by using the Afrikaans term “boer” Knoesen said that he does not care what actual farmers say about him calling himself a boer.

“They can jump up and down on their farms, I don’t care,” he said.

•“The problem with him is, he is a lunatic making wild accusations that will not impact him. It will impact the actual farmer living on a farm having to protect his family because of someone living in a townhouse spreading hate on behalf of a group he does not belong to,” a commercial farmer who wished to stay anonymous said.

Much like promises heard by politicians, Knoesen said on Facebook that when he takes back the land he will make sure that all white South Africans get “a free piece of land large enough to build and live on.”

• Knoesen was a member of the Middelburg council for the ACDP. He was also a pastor of his own church.





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