WATCH: Bikers assault motorist on N4

The South African Police Department has strongly condemned the behavior of a group of bikers who assaulted a motorist on the N4.

The statement follows two video clips circulating on social media platforms that occurred on Saturday, 23 January.

According to reports, two occupants in a motor vehicle were allegedly driving on the N4 near Machadodorp.

It is said that the driver of the vehicle tried to overtake a truck but noticed that it was unsafe to do so. He then drove back to his lane and reportedly collided with a motorbike, forcing it off the road.

The driver stopped his vehicle and was assaulted by a group of men.

Due to the hostility, as well as the continuous assault experienced from the suspects, the two occupants feared for their lives and drove from the scene to Belfast Police Station, while their assailants followed them.

Footage shows this man beating at the window of a motorist who recorded the incident.

Upon arrival at the Belfast Police Station, a police officer on standby noticed the two people enter the station screaming for help and realised that they were being followed by a group of men on motorbikes, as well as a white bakkie.

The officer approached the situation in an attempt to understand what was going on but was reportedly struck by the bakkie.

Other members of the station intervened and attempted to seize the bakkie that nearly took the life of the police officer, but the driver, as well as the other men, became aggressive and everyone dispersed.

A case of two counts of assault and malicious damage to property has been registered at Machadodorp SAPS.

An additional case of attempted murder was registered at the Belfast SAPS, with regards to the officer that was struck by the bakkie.

Police management have since vowed to ensure that the perpetrators will be brought to book, as this type of behaviour is discouraged and shows a total disregard of the law and the officials who are mandated to uphold it.

The arrest of these individuals is imminent.




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