‘Green taxi not involved in theft’ says owner

Following a break in that led to the theft of nearly R80 000, the owner and driver of a green taxi, used for scholar transport, came forward to strongly state that they were by no means implicated in the crime.

In a previous story, published by, the victim of the theft, Mr Pieter Basson, explained how his home was broken into early on Saturday morning.

His work bag, including his work laptop, his wife’s personal laptop and both their wallets including their bank cards were stolen, after a thief gained access to their home through an open window.

Mr Basson received a notification that altogether nearly R50 000 was drawn from their cards, from a filling station in Mhluzi.

Mr Basson’s account further stated that the suspect who drew the money, was travelling in a green taxi, which could be seen in the footage attained from the garage.

The owner of the taxi, Mr Alex Nape and the driver who used the taxi at the time, Thabiso Mtsweni, dispute Mr Basson’s version, saying that the suspect never travelled with them at all.

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Thabiso explained that he stopped at the filling station early on Saturday morning where he arranged to meet a friend before going hiking in the Stoffberg area. It was arranged that another driver would come and collect the taxi later that day.

While Thabiso and his passenger sat in the taxi, the suspect approached them after he had used the ATM. He entered the taxi and tried to sell a laptop to them.

Thabiso declined his offer and the suspect got out to leave, dropping a bank card. The passenger with Thabiso climbed out and gave him back the card.

There were no more transactions between them and the suspect.

Mr Nape heatedly explained that as a honest business owner, he is concerned that Mr Basson’s accounts could tarnish his reputation. He transports school children and does not want parents to think he is involved in crime.

“The taxi was by no means involved in the crime and we continue to safely transport scholars. I am being unfairly dragged into affairs that I am not involved in and it will harm my business. It was a simple case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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