Some schools open, but most remain closed

Threats of a shutdown, including all schools, due to ongoing municipal protests on Monday, caused major disruptions at local schools, mostly in Mhluzi.

Learners of both Nasaret and Eastdene Combined schools were ordered to stay home on Monday despite educators and administrative personnel reporting for work. According to both schools things remained peaceful for now and that the stay-at-home order was given to ensure the safety of learners.

In Mhluzi, high schools like Ekwazini and Mphanama opened as usual without any disruptions reported, the principals told

Locally both Hoër Tegnies Middelburg and Hoërskool Middelburg issued stay -at-home orders on Sunday for all learners. Kanonkop , however, opened without incidents and no disruptions were reported.

Laerskool Middelburg, Laerskool Kanonkop, Laerskoool C.R. Swart and Middelburg Primary, also all opened for learners and educators.

Tshwenyane Combined in Mhluzi was closed alongside all other primary schools due to ongoing threats of public violence.

Schools closed ahead of planned protests after numerous warnings were sent out across social media platforms of a total shutdown of Middelburg on Monday.

Minimal disruptions due to road closures did take place in Mhluzi early Monday morning, with local businesses reporting minimal disruptions, unlike Thursday and Friday last week, in regards to personnel numbers.

A mass protest at the Civic Centre at 08:00 Monday morning, did also not realize.

Gerhard Rheeder

I have been a journalist for two decades, with numerous awards to my credit, both in photography and writing. A brief stint as researcher in the opposition offices of the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature, honed my skills as specialist local government reporter, covering crime and courts.
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