Two Crusader associates testify in Knoesen trial

The Harry Knoesen high treason and terrorism trial continued on Friday with the state grilling two more former Crusader associates of Knoesen, on their involvement in the coup plot.

Both Arthur Moorcroft and Riana Heymans testified that they got sucked into the Crusaders by Knoesen out of loneliness.

Moorcroft, who moved to Middelburg in 2018, said he was looking to join a group upon his arrival while Heymans turned to Facebook when her daughter started a family and her son relocated to Dubai.

Moorcroft fell out with Knoesen after Knoesen attacked him on a Crusaders WhatsApp group, warning that Moorcroft should expect a “pakslae” and was a “slapgat”.

Heymans, who administrated another far-right group’s Facebook page, was charged with administrating the Crusaders WhatsApp groups after attending a Crusaders meeting.

She became so immersed with Knoesen’s white utopia that she identified leaders for several cells, which included Errol Abrahams who testified for the state on Thursday.

Heymans witnessed an explosion set up by Errol and Eric Abrahams after Knoesen’s arrest.

The cells, however, withdrew and went incognito, one after the other, after Knoesen’s arrest.

Heymans appeared to confirm her written statement, which was read into court record as undisputed by Knoesen’s defence attorney, Musa Mavasa.

The trial will continue on Tuesday with the state calling its last two witnesses.

Gerhard Rheeder

I have been a journalist for two decades, with numerous awards to my credit, both in photography and writing. A brief stint as researcher in the opposition offices of the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature, honed my skills as specialist local government reporter, covering crime and courts.
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