Hendrina mother and 4 year-old found safe

The frantic search for the young mother and her four-year-old son who disappeared from their home in Hendrina have been found safe.

Investigator, Mr. Morney Vos from Specialised Security Services, confirmed this morning that Luschka Taljaard (27) and her son Daniel were found in Pretoria after Luschka called her husband, Coetzee, to inform them that they were at a Sasol Fuel Station.

Several involved parties rushed to Pretoria to confirm their well-being before both mother and son were admitted into hospital.

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Investigator Vos could only clarify that Luschka and Daniel were admitted for observation and that she was found in a deeply traumatised state without any physical injury to his knowledge. He further said that Luschka “did not want to talk”.

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Their safe return has brought an end to and almost 24-hour search since their disappearance on Thursday.

The discovery of their abandoned vehicle at the entrance to the Kwazamokuhle township, further stirred up panic within the community.

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Mr. Vos, however, previously stated that Luschka had not gone missing, but chose to disappear of her own free will after she was seen in video footage riding in a silver double cab. An eye witness report also alleged that she climbed into that vehicle after abandoning her own.

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“At the end of the day, everyone is just happy they have been found safe,” said Vos.

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