Anti-corruption session held at Mhluzi Mall

On Thursday May 11, various governmental departments gathered at Mhluzi Mall to spread awareness and promote their anti-corruption initiative.

Members of the Department of Home Affairs, the Mhluzi Police and the Governmental Communication and Information System attended the session to educate, inform and converse with Mhluzi residents.

Sergeant Thabitha Malehase of the Mhluzi Police passionately spoke to the Middelburg Observer, “We are encouraging the community to speak out and to report any form of corruption to the Police. We also urge women to break the silence on gender-based abuse.”

Sergeant BL Mabena (Mhluzi SAPS), Sergeant Thabitha Malehase (communications Mhluzi SAPS) and Sergeant Jiyane Innocentia (Mhluzi SAPS).

A key issue highlighted at the session was that anyone wishing to report corruption or abuse can in fact remain anonymous.

There is a concern that those who come forward to report acts of corruption may be ostracised or targeted, however, the purpose of the session was to dispel these fictitious fears.

Mhluzi local, Rose Masheya, told the Observer, “It is very good that such sessions are taking place, to educate the people of their rights, especially the younger generations. I am very happy for the event.”

Karabo Masilo (counter corruption and security services) and Absalom Moote ( Communications) of the Department of Home Affairs (Pretoria).

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