Local golf stars blaze on Sunshine Tour

Local golfing stars Ruan Korb and Quinton Wilsenach are both inside the top 30 earners of the 2023/24 Sunshine Tour.

Their latest tournament was the Bain’s Whisky Ubunye Championship, where Quinton finished 8th at 11 under par, alongside partner Drikus Joubert.
Ruan finished just behind, with him and his partner Jean Hugo, finishing tied at 9th with 10 under par.

The championship took place from August 24 – 27 at the Pretoria Country Club.

Ruan and Quinton are currently competing at the Gary & Vivienne Player Challenge, which started on August 20 and finished on September 1 at the White River Country Club.

Former HTS Middelburg student Ruan is currently ranked 24th on the Sunshine Tour leaderboard, while Quinton is ranked 32nd, they are both within the top 30 earners this season, with Ruan winning a cumulative R232 450, while Quinton has bagged R186 656.

These figures do not take into account the Bain’s Whisky Ubunye Championship, as they had not been released at the time of publication.

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