Missing 4SAI soldier found dead in Jo’burg

The 4SAI soldier who disappeared after having been dropped off at a well known hitch-hiking pickup point in Johannesburg, has been found dead.

Mr Desiree Mnisi (33) was last heard of on September 21, resulting in a missing persons case being opened by his family.

A family member confirmed early this morning that Mr Mnisi’s body had been found.
The family did not want to elaborate on the circumstances in which Mr Mnisi’s body had been found, nor the cause of his death.

Mr Mnisi disappeared after his cousin dropped him at the hitch-hiking spot to catch a lift back to Middelburg.

His cell phone was still active around 14:00 on September 21, where cell towers pinned his location around the pickup point for hitch hikers.

Shortly after 14:00 the signal was lost.
Phone calls and messages remained unanswered.

The crying family member told¬†Middelburg Observer¬†that the family won’t be making any more statements, and are appealing for privacy.

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