“Nugget” delivered in KFC bathroom by EMS head

“Nugget” got a whole new meaning at Moutsiya Mall’s Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, where the Colonel Sanders family tree sprouted a new twig on Wednesday.

KFC staff went into overdrive when a woman went into labour in the restaurant’s bathroom during Wednesday’s breakfast run.

Luckily for the newborn baby girl, a hero in uniform stepped in to assist with the delivery, which went off without any complications for both mother and baby.

Ms Dorah Kotelo, the newly appointed Philadelphia Emergency Medical Services Station Manager, was looking for chicken, but instead assisted with hatching a chick when she entered the outlet for breakfast.

Upon her arrival, she enquired about the commotion around her and was informed of the woman in labour in the bathroom.
Training kicked in and she sprang into action.

When the newborn took her first breath, followed by a telltale cry, staff broke out in joyous ululation over their KFC “pop.”

The Limpopo Department of Health MEC, Dr Phophi Ramathuba, celebrated the announcement by sending congratulatory remarks to both mother, baby and Ms Kotelo.
MEC Ramathuba highlighted what everyone feared, that the delivery had been an uncomplicated procedure, even without the necessary equipment and staff.

MEC Ramathuba lauded Ms Kotelo for her professionalism, saying the department had made the right decision to appoint her as the Station Manager for Philadelphia Emergency Medical Services.

“We’re clearly in good hands,” KFC staff agreed with MEC Ramathuba after the “kiddie surprise”.

The MEC said there was a worrying increase of born before arrival cases that put the lives of both the mother and baby at risk.

“Dorah Kotelo is amongst those of our employees who remain our pride,” said MEC Ramathuba, and called on expecting mothers to attend antenatal visits at clinics regularly, and to follow instructions from their midwives.

“Every pregnant woman is informed of their expectancy date and advised not to travel during those days. We are also advising that when labour pains start, let’s not wait until they are severe, by then, it might be too late,” the MEC warned, “Luckily our Dorah was there!”

“We celebrate the arrival, however, our main concern is that tomorrow there might not be a Dorah who is skilled in delivering a breech presentation, or a baby with a large head circumference.”

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