21 houses damaged, trees uprooted: thunderstorm causes major damage

With more rain expected in Middelburg this week, several residents are desperately trying to pick up the pieces left after this morning’s storm.

The municipality said in a press release that their Disaster Management Team is assisting affected families by covering roofs with tarpaulin.

The municipal Disaster Management Team aided the affected families by covering roofs with tarpaulin. Image: Supplied.

It added that at least 21 houses in Mhluzi, Vuka, Mathaileni, Chromeville, Reabota, and Tokologo were left without roofing.

Meanwhile, in Dennesig and Kanonkop, trees were uprooted by strong winds and scattered all over the streets.

Another roof blown off by strong winds. PHOTO: supplied.

“There have been no injuries reported, and the teams will be working around the clock,” said the municipality.

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