UPDATE: Hilux hijackers strike again, silver double cab sought

Yet another Toyota Hilux has been hijacked in Mhluzi with a be-on-the-lookout issued for a silver double cab.

The hijacking was reported roughly 30 minutes ago on the Traffic Alert WhatsApp group.

According to the information provided the silver double cab was hijacked by two armed suspects in Tokologo a short while ago.

The vehicle registration provided is KXY 104 MP. The vehicle in question is a Toyota Hilux and has a canopy.

The hijacking follows on four others which have been reported in the last couple of weeks. In several of the incidents, the hijackers abducted the drivers, forcing them to hand over cash or transfer funds through the use of the victim’s banking app.

It could not be verified whether the most recent victim is safe or who the victim is.

The man who reported the hijacking could not be reached for comment.

  • The article has been updated to add a photo of the hijacked vehicle.

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